I Miss 3×3 Says Kendle

3x3Hustle superstar Jeremy Kendle has expressed how much his misses the 3×3 format as he continues his recovery from an ACL tear.

Kendle suffered the injury while playing for West Melbourne Stateside in last May’s FIBA 3×3 Penang Challenger.

While not yet at 100 percent, Kendle said his knee feels “great” but he will miss more 3×3 action due to the cancellation of numerous events because of COVID-19.

If all the dominos fall in the right place for the 32-year-old, he says he would love to pick up the 3x3Hustle ball again.

“Man, I miss 3×3,” Kendle said.

“No doubt that was some of the best and most fun times I’ve had playing basketball. Those games are very entertaining.

“I love playing 3×3 and I’m not saying yes or no at this point.

“I definitely will look at that in the future, however it would have to be a really good situation and my desires are first and foremost to excel at the NBL level, and then from there I will look at 3×3.”

Kendle is known as a pure scorer and believes his play style translates perfectly to the 3×3 game.

“The format is a perfect example of someone like myself being able to just go out there and be free,” Kendle said.

“There’s no minute restriction and there’s no coach not allowing me to be myself. I’m just out there hooping.”

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