Hustle Wrap: Basketball ACT Street Hustle- Belconnen, ACT

3×3 basketball is continuing to grow in the ACT following two successful 3×3 Street Hustle events run by Basketball ACT at the end of this year. 

In November, the next generation of Canberra hustlers shone in a four-week 3×3 Street Hustle Tour in Belconnen. 

Players ranged from 10 & Under to 14 & Under in age, making for a fun block of 3×3 basketball. 

In the 10 & Under girls category, Rats 10’s took home the title while in the boys category, the Slam Dunkers secured the victory after a one-point win in their Grand Final. 

The same result occurred in the 12 & Under boys category with Northside Elite getting the 6-5 win over JTN2. 

In the 12 & Under girls, it was Blue Lightning coming out on top after defeating Rats by six points in the Grand Final. 

The Brindi Boys were victorious in the 14 & Under boys category, edging out FUNDAMENTALS by two points. 

In the Christmas Street Hustle, boys from 10 & Under to 18 & Under showcased their skills at Belconnen’s outdoor 3×3 courts on Saturday. 

In the 10/12 & Under category, the Breakers broke the Ankle Breakers by two points in the Grand Final. 

Only one point could split Dream Team and Raticals in the 12/14 & Under boys category, with Dream Team coming out on top. 

The same result occurred in the 16-18 & Under boys category, with the Dare Devils getting the 3-2 win over Trio of Trouble. 

Check out the full list of winners below – congrats Hustlers! 


10 & Under Girls: Rats 10’s 

10 & Under Boys: Slam Dunkers

12 & Under Girls: Blue Lightning

12 & Under Boys: Northside Elite 

14 & Under Boys: Brindi Boys


10/12 & Under Boys: Breakers 

12/14 & Under Boys: Dream Team 

16/18 & Under Boys: Dare Devils

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