Basketball Australia And 3x3Hustle Launch New Community Program

Basketball Australia and 3x3Hustle have launched 3×3 Community Hustle program, ‘Hustle for your 30’, in a joint initiative with Sport Australia.

The program will see different community groups participating in 3×3 basketball drills and activities for 30 minutes.

3×3 Community Hustle supports Sport Australia’s new vision for Australia to become the world’s most active sporting nation and encourages Australians of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to find 30 minutes of physical activity.

CEO of Basketball Australia Jerril Rechter welcomed the 3×3 Community Hustle program initiative funded by Sport Australia and acknowledged the positive impact sport and physical activity has on the lives of all Australians.

“Australians are known for their love of sport, and the program provides the perfect opportunity to get to know members of your community whilst getting your 30 minutes of physical activity.

“Recognising that we lead busy and hectic lives, the 3×3 Community Hustle program is all about learning fun skills and activities on a half court, including 10 minutes of game play.”

Program Ambassador and 2019 FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup gold medallist Maddie Garrick says the program is an exciting opportunity for people to get involved with basketball.

“Growing up, there were only a couple of options to play basketball in my community, but having a program like this that is shorter, faster and with a focus on fun will serve as a great way to get active.”

3x3Hustle Manager Jaele Patrick said: “The Hustle for your 30 program will help community groups find 30 minutes of physical activity by participating in 3×3 drills and activities.

“The popularity of 3×3 basketball is growing in Australia, with the sport to make its Olympic debut this year. The Hustle for your 30 program is another pathway for individuals to begin their 3×3 journey.”

Sessions are tailored to be suitable for all levels of ability, ranging from those who are familiar with 3×3 basketball to those who have never played basketball before.

Basketball Australia has partnered with state sporting organisations who are working with councils and local sporting associations to deliver programs across communities all over Australia at a range of different times and locations.

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3×3 basketball will make its Olympic debut this year, with the Australian women’s team to compete in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament on March 18-22 in India.

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