3x3Hustle Is Perfect For Junior Players Says Hire

Greg Hire says 3×3 basketball is an “unbelievable format” for juniors, as the NBL 3x3Hustle continues to provide opportunities for players of all ages.

Hire has used 3×3 to launch a new chapter in his career, as he took up the game after retiring from the Perth Wildcats. The four-time NBL champion has since become a staple of the Australian national team, representing the country at multiple international events.

The 32-year-old believes 3×3 is perfect for youngsters playing basketball, as it gives them a chance to be involved in the sport throughout the entire game.

“3x3Hustle is providing those opportunities. It’s an unbelievable format for juniors. In five-on-five if you’re not the best player you can be pigeonholed to stand in the corner but in 3×3, you have to do stuff, there is a high likelihood you’re going to be given the ball and have a moment to shine,” Hire told Sportsday WA.

“In the last seven months I’ve travelled to Puerto Rico for a World Cup qualifier and represented Australia on a national stage, I played in a World Cup in Amsterdam, had opportunities to play in Manila, Guangzhou and win a gold medal at the Asia Cup in Changsha.

“These are things that when I was playing I never thought I would have the ability to do, to play for Australia and now I have been afforded the opportunity.”

The NBL 3x3Hustle March Mania will continue to provide opportunities to play 3×3, with marquee events at the Moomba Festival, Australian Grand Prix, Arnold Sports Festival and the Geelong Waterfront. Registrations for March Mania and now open and you can sign up by clicking here.

“Four showcase events is unreal. It provides opportunities for people to learn the game and for professional athletes, it gives them an opportunity to experience it,” Hire said.

3×3 basketball will make its Olympic debut in 2020 and Commonwealth Games debut in 2022.

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