3x3Hustle IBS Opportunity To Help Malik’s NBA Dream

Aspiring basketballer Malik has a dream to play in the NBA and sharing the court with his heroes serves as a step forward on his journey towards that ambition.

Having registered for the International Basketball Series (IBS) 3×3 Street Hustle, Malik and his team has a once in a lifetime opportunity to share the court with basketball superstars before the Australian Boomers face USA Basketball at Marvel Stadium on August 24.

If Malik’s team is a finalist in the under 12 boys category in the Street Hustle on August 17-18 at The District Docklands, they will advance to the Marvel Stadium stage and play 3×3 before the Boomers USA game.

“My dream, like everyone else’s dream in basketball, is to get to the NBA,” Malik said.

“I feel like with this opportunity arising it gives me a big opportunity to meet my NBA heroes. With this 3x3Hustle tournament, I feel like I am getting closer and closer and it’s a big opportunity to meet my NBA heroes.

“If my team wins, I’m going to have the chance to play in front of 100,000 people and we all get tickets to watch the USA v Boomers game.”

If you want to experience a once in a lifetime chance like Malik potentially could, register your team for the IBS 3×3 Street Hustle by clicking HERE.

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