Street Hustle

Whether you are simply balling with your mates or aspiring to be an Olympic Champion, Street Hustle is the place for EVERYONE to begin. This is where you enter into the Hustle system.


Street Hustle is all about freedom

At this level you choose when you play, where you play and who you play with. Super easy right? All you need is your 3x3Hustle Pass, your Street Hustle uniform (optional for some events) and a couple of friends to hit the streets with you.
  • The age brackets for Street Hustle are separated into boys and girls and both include U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18
  • Open Mens, Open Womens and Masters available.
Each player will get rewarded with FIBA world ranking points for every single 3x3Hustle game that is played.

With those points you will then be able to track and compare your Australian and World rankings. Time to get Hustlin’, bragging rights are on the line between you and your mates.