Minakami Town on Board for 3×3 Pro Hustle Tour

The NBL is proud to welcome Japan’s Minakami Town to the 2019 3×3 Pro Hustle Tour. Founded in 2018, Minakami Town play in Japan’s 3×3.EXE PREMIER league – the highest level of 3×3 basketball in the nation.


Minakami Town’s stars, 32-year-old Takaharu Tsugawa (#35 in Japan), and 28-year-old Kento Kusaka (#34 in Japan) will be the ones to watch, with their sights set firmly on the world stage.


And, after the recent announcement that the 3×3 Pro Hustle Tour events will hold Quest and Satellite status, Minakami will be hoping to progress through the 3×3 Pro Hustle Tour and onto the FIBA World Tour Masters and Challenger events.

Quests involve a multi-tournament qualification tour which ends in a Quest final, the best teams of which qualify to a pre-determined World Tour Masters. Challengers are stand-alone events from which the best teams qualify to a pre-determined World Tour Masters.


For further information on the FIBA 3×3 Competition Network, CLICK HERE.


Get to know Minakami Town via their website, or via social media on Instagram and Twitter.


To see them in person, get your tickets to the 3×3 Pro Hustle Tour by heading to NOW!

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