How do I enter a team into a 3x3Hustle Event?


3x3Hustle Registration Portal

Step by Step instructions for team managers to enter a team in a 3x3Hustle event.

Note: You can enter a team without adding any players (players can be added later), but payment must be made immediately or the team will not be registered.

  • Go to and click “3×3 Events” in the top menu bar
  • Click “Event Details” on the event you would like to enter
  • Click the age group and gender you would like to enter
  • Enter the Team Name, and the Team Leader details (this is the Team Manager or main contact person for the team)
  • Select “Add Team Member” to add players to the team (note – you do not need to add team members at this step, it can be done after you have registered and paid for your team entry)
    1. The person who is registering the Team Member must know the players “Hustle ID”. Without this ID, the team manager will not be able to validate the player. Hustle ID can be found by logging in to the players Hustle Pass account at All players must hold a minimum “Rookie” Pass to be added to the team list.
    2. If players do not already have a Hustle Pass (minimum Rookie), they will need to sign up for one before they can be added to the team list
    3. Before signing up for a Hustle Pass, players must first have a FIBA 3×3 profile – this is free to sign up for and can be done at . This profile information will be asked for when signing up for a Hustle Pass.
  •  You may purchase uniforms for your team if you wish. Most Street Hustle events do not require Hustle uniforms to be worn however all Big Hustle Events will require uniforms.
  • Click “Pay” at the bottom of the registration form to be taken to a secure Stripe payment system and pay the team entry fee (plus any uniform costs)
  • Once you have made payment, you will receive an email confirming your team entry, and a link to go back and add team members if you have not yet added all players to your team.
  • Players can be added to your team using this same link up to 48 hours before the event date.  If you require a player change within 48 hours of the event commencing, please email

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